"I have next to no work handling BoligBudget. After we established the right set-up, things just work perfectly without me having to worry about it".

Mikkel Dam Junker is the CIO of the housing company Alboa, and it was he who had the close cooperation with exacto when Alboa implemented BoligBudget to handle the entire budgeting process in the associated 80 housing organisations, with a total of 7,200 homes and 12-15,000 residents in Aarhus and Skanderborg Municipalities.


Full flexibility & freedom

The implementation of BoligBudget was carried out in two iterations. Initially, BoligBudget's SQL platform was integrated directly with EG Bolig for extracting data. However, in Alboa's case, this method proved to have some inconvenient server challenges:

"We needed to extract data so often and to such a large extent that it conflicted with the specific server. Therefore, we decided to switch to a solution where EG Bolig functions as a repository. EG Bolig collects our data from the housing organisations, and these are subsequently automatically retrieved, modulated, and distributed on our own databases. From here, BoligBudget extracts them for the calculations, budgets and forecasts we need. When we need it", explains Mikkel Dam Junker and elaborates:

"It gives our employees access to full flexibility. We have no dependencies on how EG Bolig's databases are orchestrated or how they group data".

In addition, it is significantly easier to use the historical data for more robust budgets and forecasts:

"When the data has been extracted to BoligBudget, we can easily pull it into the views and dashboards which management and those responsible for finance and economics demand. That would be more complex with EG Bolig, as we can only retrieve the financial account, and then extract the relevant data manually. With BoligBudget, we can prepare budgets for the individual housing organisations with the relevant data automatically extracted from the last 5 years' financial figures and 3 years' budget figures, which we supplement with current prices and rates that are handled centrally on the BoligBudget platform".

This, however, is still done with a close integration with EG:

"When realized figures are ready, or when data is updated, these are automatically downloaded to our databases from EG Bolig and subsequently to BoligBudget for the further calculations. Correspondingly, when we have our budgets and forecasts, these are automatically read back to EG Bolig via an interim station where a merged file is created. This is done without any manual entries".


Compliance, access & permissions

Ensuring compliance or handling access and permissions is another worry Mikkel Dam Junker doesn’t need to be concerned about:

"BoligBudget's platform is fully integrated with our AD. This means that all profiles with defined permissions and accesses are mirrored directly on to the platform. When a profile is added or an existing one is changed, it is immediately implemented on the platform, and I don't have to do any manual configurations. Furthermore, of course, only those who are in our AD can access", concludes Mikkel Dam Junker.




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