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Is your budget process too time-consuming?

Do you use lots of Excel files when preparing your budget? With exacto budgeting you only need one Excel file on top of a SQL database.

We have specialized in developing budgeting solutions to large and mid-size companies through the past 13 years. Based on these experiences, we have developed exacto budgeting

We streamline the process!

We have combined the best from two worlds: A fast and secure SQL database for storing all of the data and a familiar and flexible user-friendly interface in Excel. The combination brings an end to distributing Excel files, keeping track of multiple versions and worrying that someone will see data they should not see.

Examples of customers with exacto budgeting:

  • International production company - approx. 200 entities 
  • International shipping company - approx 80 entities 
  • Financial company - approx. 550 entities 
  • Publication company - approx. 175 entities 
  • Wholesale company - approx. 100 entities 

exacto budgeting is fully scalable and therefore can be adapted to the company's size and needs. Please contact our partner Martin Rasmussen to learn more about the different possibilities we can offer you with exacto budgeting


Martin Mark Rasmussen
Phone: +45 6179 8020
Email: martin@exacto.dk



Are you interested in learning more about exacto budgeting? Book an online demo or contact us for a meeting.

Contact: Partner Martin Mark Rasmussen, phone: +45 6179 8020, email: martin@exacto.dk

No distribution of Excel files

exacto budgeting streamlines the budget process. In the built-in workflow, you have an overview of how far you are in the budget process. Moreover, it is possible to work with several versions of the budget. And most importantly of all: No distribution of Excel files is needed!

User-friendly solution

Via the user-friendly administration module, you can be in charge of the daily maintenance of exacto budgeting. We will also gladly help with tailoring a support agreement.

High security

Security in exacto budgeting is based on AD rights and is therefore on level with the company’s other IT systems. No one sees data that they don’t have rights to. Via the built-in log functionality, all changes can be tracked. 

No licensing costs

exacto budgeting is exclusively based on Microsoft technology, and you own the solution. That is to say, you have no user-dependent licensing costs and no fixed maintenance costs.

Many possibilities

exacto budgeting can be further developed in many ways. For example, with functionalities for updating with realized numbers, simulation on essential parameters and statistical forecasting. In reality, it’s only your imagination that sets the limits.



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