• 1-day Excel course

Intensive 1-day course in Excel

Get well-prepared to make your reporting easier and smarter!

Excel is your primary work tool, and you work with reporting at a high level. You would like to learn to master the newest tools in Excel and achieve optimal utilization of already-known functionalities.

Sign up for exacto’s intensive 1-day course in Excel. We train you to carry out reporting that is easy to maintain and expand, while still looking good. At this intensive course, you become well-prepared to work out your everyday tasks in easier and smarter ways.

Course description

The instruction is handled by our experienced teacher Flemming Jørgen Jensen, who has more than 10 years of experience with teaching and professional development in Excel. Before this, Flemming was the controller in a large international company and therefore knows the everyday ins and outs of a budget and finance function.

At the course, we deal with, among other things:

  • Automation of extraction and adaptation of data – we work with the newest tools in Excel, including Power Query.
  • Preparation of dynamic reporting bases – we focus on minimising time-consuming maintenance when updating.
  • Set-up of reporting – we put a sharp focus on the use of pivot tables, cubes, formulas, slicers and timelines, which create dynamic and scalable reporting.
  • Presentation of reporting – we look at formatting, colours and structuring of an attractive and user-friendly interface.

Excel 2016 is used in the teaching, but most of the functionalities can also be used in Excel 2013.

Course programme

Retrieve and combine data with Power Query

  • Retrieve data from several sources (database, Excel, CSV, WEB)
  • Combination of several data sets (realised and budget)
  • Connection between several data sources (code of accounts and mapping list)
  • Parameter control of inquiries

Adapt data for reporting and analysis with Power Query

  • Adaptation of rows, columns (delete, add, move)
  • Adaptation of data content (split, link, replace, format, calculate)
  • Add data to Datamodel/PowerPivot (for accomplishing extended functions)

Set up pivot tables for reporting and analysis

  • Use advanced settings and views for informative analysis
  • Structure pivot tables as a source for reporting
  • Insert slicers, timelines and dynamic dropdown lists

Create dynamic and parameter-controlled reports by use of formulas

  • Use getpivotdata formulas for retrieval of data from pivot tables
  • Use cube formulas for retrieval of data from PowerPivot/Datamodel
  • Use standard Excel formulas for retrieval of data from tables

Make your reports and analyses attractive and user-friendly

  • Use conditional formatting in reports and pivot tables
  • Use sparklines for illustration of trends
  • Insert diagrams as visual presentation of your numbers




  • 3995 DKK - incl. meal and 3 mo. support. PC is made available.


Dates & Location

  • Thursday May 17th, 8.30-16.00
  • Friday June 12th, 8.30-16.00

Strandvejen 125, 2900 Hellerup



Manager Flemming Jørgen Jensen, phone: +45 61798061 or email: fjj@exacto.dk

Education references

  • Carlsberg Breweries
  • Deloitte
  • DONG (Ørsted)
  • Nykredit
  • Københavns Lufthavne
  • GEUS


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