For many companies, both public and private, collection and presentation of data is a critical core in their management information – information which is used to make business decisions that can increase earnings and improve competitiveness.

Many companies have good control of their systems and processes, but one can also find portions of the processes that are manual and supported by Excel solutions the companies have developed on their own. It’s our experience that, in these circumstances, a lot of time is unnecessarily used on gathering and processing data. The Excel solutions are often very dependent upon individual persons and not user-friendly, just as the validity of data can be difficult to ensure.

At exacto, we believe in streamlining and optimizing processes. We believe that those of us with the right expertise in Excel and the use of databases can create optimal solutions for our customers. Consequently, we have specialized in professional development of Excel solutions that counter the challenges of our customers.



We develop tailor-made solutions which have their starting point in our customers’ individual needs. We make use of platforms such as Excel, Access/SQL and VBA programming. Our solutions are:

  • Time-saving with regard to maintenance and daily operations
  • Automated
  • User-friendly
  • Not dependent on a single person
  • Documented
  • Supported


Who we are

exacto is owned by Martin Mark Rasmussen, Peter Jørgen Nørvig and Tom Kortegaard. All three have backgrounds from some of Denmark’s leading accounting and consultancy firms. In addition to specialist competencies in the areas of Excel and databases, our consultants have extensive knowledge in the finance area. In addition to this, most have practical experience from finance and accounting duties. Therefore, we are able to offer qualified consultancy in connection with solving tasks on both the technical and practical levels.

exacto employs 18 consultants located at offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Hamburg. Our company's history dates back to 2007 where we opened our first Danish office. For the past 13 years, we have developed more than 1,500 Excel and SQL database solutions and serviced +650 customers. In 2018 we added Germany to our map. Would you like to know more about our business in Germany, please click here.


Martin Mark Rasmussen
CEO & Partner, Copenhagen
Phone: +45 6179 8020
E-mail: mmr@exacto.dk


Peter Jørgen Nørvig
Partner, Copenhagen
Phone: +45 6179 8060
E-mail: pjn@exacto.dk


Tom Kortegaard
Partner, Aarhus
Phone: +45 6179 8050
E-mail: tko@exacto.dk​


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Address in Copenhagen

exacto A/S
Tuborgvej 5
DK-2900 Hellerup

Contact person: Peter Jørgen Nørvig
+45 6179 8060

Address in Aarhus

exacto A/S
Stadion Allé 70
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Contact person: Tom Kortegaard
+45 6179 8050


About exacto
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